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Our Services

Pacific One Marketing offers the specialized support and attention needed to expand the marketing platform of any mortgage company. Our data is is gathered specifically for you and filtered through any marketing model you choose. For more information and a description of the marketing services we provide please see Our Services.

Loan Modification / Foreclosure

Let us track down the borrowers who desperately need your help and pass the call right to you. Loan Modification products and foreclosure alternatives are on the rise and this watershed has created a new and unique way to make big bucks. Whether you are simply looking for the person who desperately needs a loan modification or are looking for people who have just been served foreclosure notices within the last 24 hours we will find them.

Call Customer Service Now! 1-206-659-1412

Refi Leads

Let us apply the right credit score, equity, and geographical filters for you to develop a qualified list of people who are genuinely interested in refinancing today!

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Reverse Mortgage

The Reverse Mortgage for seniors has seen remarkable growth in recent years with baby boomers turning 62 every seven seconds. Reverse Mortgage loans require specialized marketing strategies and Pacific One Marketing offers unique campaigns for seniors who do not respond as well to traditional telemarketing strategies. Currently we have a large reaction based direct marketing campaign in the works for a major reverse mortgage broker located in California. The Campaign has seen impressive results with a response rate of 1.3%. Ask about our Robodialer service which is another invaluable tool to get seniors on the phone without being too pushy.

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FHA & VA Streamlines

With the dramatic drop in interest rates the window is wide open yet again for streamlines. Let us develop a targeted list of existing FHA homeowners and transfer them straight to you.

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ARM Rest

Let us develop an exclusive list of people who are locked into an adjustable rate mortgage and need relief today. Interested customers are transferred directly to your phone along with all client details and specific notes, accessible at the click of your mouse.

Call Customer Service Now! 1-206-659-1412

Our Services

Live Lead Transfers
Whether slicing through the pile of leads
you already have or producing results
from new targeted lists.
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Direct Marketing
Since the implementation of the
National Do Not Call Registry in 2004
there has been a significant damper
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Email Marketing
Why consider Email Marketing and
what are the benefits? Email marketing
is a wholly cost effective endeavor
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